Care+ 40

Care+ 40" Cardio Rebounder With Stability Bar

World No.1 Cardio Rebounder
Product SKU: CAR-CR040
RM 780
RM 680.00
save -100%
  • Comes with stability bar, bungee cord rebounder and 2 pieces of spare cords.
  • Protect and support joints and ligaments by providing a deeper and gentler bounce.
  • Rebounding on cords is one of the few ways to flush the lymphatic system, where most toxins are stored.
  • Provides an ideal balance of gravity and weightlessness to stimulate the organs and work major and minor muscles in the body. 
  • Tend to be quieter, sturdier and more reliable than spring trampolines, making upkeep and maintenance a breeze.
  • Based on high elastic bungee bands give user a feeling of weightlessness. 
  • Stability bar acts as support and increases stability.